When joy DOESNT come in the morning.

Oct 3, 2019 | Faith, Mommy Bloggin

Being a mom is weird. Your time is no longer run by the clock on the wall but your tiny babes growling tummy. So sometimes, your day will start at 4am… but your first cup of coffee doesn’t come until 9 or 10. And you guys – those days suck. I can’t sugar coat it.

I can tell you – it gets better (because it will) and that someday you will miss this (but maybe not as much as you miss uninterrupted sleep). But who are we kidding? Most of us (including myself) are living in the here and now. Just trying to get through the day with the magical amount of caffeine that will keep you from passing out but not keep the baby awake. (HEYO Shout out to nursing mamas) It is HARD.

And you know what makes it even harder – the constant worry that the grain markets and stock market are going to come tumbling down and send life as you know it into a flaming spiral of disaster because China hates us and our president can’t stay off of Twitter.

Didn’t see that coming did you? Yeah, me neither. But this spring, I started reading the news in the morning on my iPad and HOLY CANOLI YOU GUYS. The world SUCKS. Apple News gives me my “Morning Briefing: Everything you need to know to start your day” and it should really be called “How to Trigger an Anxiety Attack before 6 AM.” Honestly, it will mess up my whole day. And I need ZERO help in the anxiety dept. I have got that covered all on my own.

So you know what I started doing this Summer to combat that nonsense? I started reading the Bible BEFORE I read the news. I would sit in my big cushy chair, nurse my little baby and read Gods word. Actually, I listen to the audio ESV version on the Bible App because lets be real here – my eyes cannot focus on words without coffee or more sleep and little babies don’t care about those things. They want fed NOW! So audio bible it is.

It has been truly life changing to start my day with God’s word instead of the complete garbage that we call news. (Or scrolling Facebook  for the latest tea… I see you Becky, I know that’s where you start your morning.) You guys, it was so good that I read/listened to the entire New Testament this summer and am working my through the WHOLE STINKING BIBLE now.

Can I share a secret with you? I have never read the whole bible before. I have barely read a whole BOOK of the bible before. I mostly had just read topically up to this point unless it was for a bible study with a group. I didn’t think that I was THAT person. You know the one I’m talking about -( and no shame if this is you, you miracle lady) – the woman who wakes up exactly 1.15 hours before her kids wake up, pours herself a beautifully perfect mug of coffee, sits at the table with her bible and a journal for her notes and daily prayers and reads her bible in peace. She is refreshed and beautiful and perfect. She gets done with her morning devotions just in time to make a very nice breakfast for her perfectly behaved children and husband and gets them all ready for the day with no yelling and no looking for hairbrushes or shoes.

Honestly you guys, this image in my head 0f how a morning bible sesh was supposed to go KILLED my ambition to actually do it myself. if I couldn’t be perfect, why try it at all…

NEWS FLASH! That is EXACTLY why I need be reading Gods beautiful Word. I am not perfect. I am BROKEN. I am a sinner and I need Jesus. He does not care if I come to Him all gorgeous and quiet with fresh coffee. Or if I show up with bed head, bad breath, room temp coffee from yesterday, and a baby literally attached to me. He just wants me to show up. Just as I am. And He wants the same from you.

Just show up. Break down your preconceived ideas about what it looks like to be a Bible reading Jesus  follower. Get the perfect lady out of your brain. Embrace your hot mess and bring it all to Jesus. He loves you. Just as you are.

Until next time,

Emily B.

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