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Jan 7, 2020 | Faith, Testimony Tuesdays

When God put it on my heart to go full time with this Ministry – I knew that my main goal would be to defeat the biggest lie that Satan likes to sneak into our hearts. That we are alone. That no one else has ever been through our trial and that it is shameful for us to share our struggles with our sisters in Christ. 

I had this grand plan to have women from all stages of life come together on this blog to share what God had done in their lives. How they had overcome trials and tribulations that they thought would destroy them. The hard stuff that we don’t want people to see but that we desperately need to be SEEN in. But I had no idea how to make that all blend in with my own writing and how to make it flow as a single ministry.

I was blessed by a friend who gave me a wonderful idea that I cannot believe I didn’t thin of myself. She said “Have you thought of doing a Testimony Tuesday?” Well, as it turns out that’s exactly what I was thinking about but I hadn’t put it into words yet! THANK YOU JESUS!

A testimony is a recounting of the truth of how God worked in your life. No one can take it away from you or change how you feel about it. It is Gods story in your life.

So lets talk about how this will *potentially* work. Every Tuesday, there will *hopefully* be a new lady posting a story about a time in her life when she thought she was alone and struggle with her circumstances. And how God saved her in that moment. It could be lots of examples or just one. Each woman will be able to share her own story however she wishes to. 

I’ve asked a few ladies to write the first few weeks of testimonies ( and I’ll share my testimony on the first week of this new series) but maybe as you’ve been reading this, you have had this tugging at your heart that you should be a part of Testimony Tuesdays. And friend, I WANT YOU TO SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY WITH ME! Seriously, this is place for us all to share our first hand knowledge of Gods amazing love and grace.

So if you have been called to share your testimony with us – email me at [email protected] You can either email me your testimony right away or just let me know that you are interested and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Maybe you aren’t ready to share your story or maybe you are not at the end of this current trial yet or maybe you just dot know about this whole God thing yet but you are in a place of complete loneliness – Friend, were writing these for you. Email me if you need to talk. Or leave comments here on the blog and we can all chat together. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Friend – We go through though things so that we can grow as a person and grow closer to God. We learn from our experiences so that we can help others through their struggles. Titus 2: 3-5 says that the wise older women are to share their knowledge and lead the younger women. Let’s do that. Together. Because you are not alone in your struggles.

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