Testimony Tuesday: Jessie P

Apr 28, 2020 | Faith, Testimony Tuesdays

Testimonies are unique in every way. Some take many words to verbalize – some take just a few. Both can be powerful in innumerable ways. I am grateful for Jessie’s testimony today. Read it a few times and let it soak over you. Marinate in it.

It doesn’t look like the others, but this is where my solid ground comes from:

I’ve been to the deep dark place. The godforsaken pit of no light, no joy, no hope.

Following the birth of my second child, I entered this suffocating void. Yet Christ came to me in a dream. He held out his hand out to me- an invitation to flee the place of drowning. I ran to him, my eyes only looking up, and he walked me out.

As we walked, I was filled with calm, warmth, and absolute peace. He rescued me from the place of death and decay and nothingness and washed me over with light.

I struggle to adequately explain this feeling- it goes beyond words, beyond my understanding. It was then Jesus reassured me, “You never have to go there again.” I suffered that night, after giving birth. I carried the pain and trauma of bringing that one little life to the world.

Yet my Jesus carried the weight of the entire world as he died on the cross. He immersed in 3 days of true hell. Yet he conquered death and walked out of the darkness that third day. Absolute suffering and destruction have no grip on him. And because of this, I walk freely too, in free forgiveness and light. He walked me out. He lived to walk each one of us out of the bonds of sin.

He took the pain, every single blow, for you and for me. He didn’t have to. This is love in the most profound way.

Each year on Easter, my heart bursts with equal parts sorrow and joy.

I know the place of the deep dark. And the same words he told me, I share with you – You never have to go there again. He has walked you out.

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