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Tis the season for outdoor parties, yard games, and bonfires. I love spending time outside and having a nice cold drink with my friends. What I don’t love is when I have to set my drink on the ground and it inevitably tips over or gets kicked across the lawn. Nobody likes spilled drinks which is why I have come up with what I believe to be a brilliant solution.

You will need:

A large can (Wider is better than taller so think the mixed veggie or Progresso soup cans.)

Fabric Scraps

Mod Podge (Regular and Outdoor)

Hammer and ¼” nail OR drill with ¼” bit

Two ½” 20” – 36” threaded rod

Two large ¼” washers

Gorilla Glue

  1. Clean your can! Make sure you carefully remove your label – you will need to save it! Clean the inside really well VERY CARFULLY – please don’t cut yourself.
  2. Cut the fabric! Using you’re the can label as a template, cut a strip of fabric the same width as the label and about ½” longer on each side. You are also going to need a smaller strip that is the same length as the label but only 1” wide.
  3. Make a hole! Find the exact middle of the bottom of the can and mark it. Using a hammer and ¼”nail or your ¼” drill bit make a hole.
  4. Glue the fabric to the can! Cover the outside of your can in the regular mod podge. Wrap the fabric around the can, smoothing the airbubble as you go. When you get to the end, apply some more mod podge to the ends and secure them down so they over lap ½”.
  5. Prepare and secure the skinny fabric! This is the trickiest step of the whole project. First, mod podge the back of the fabric and fold it in half long ways (hot dog style) so the sticky sides are together. Cut little slits along the folded edge about every ½”. After this dries, apply modge podge to the inside of your can rim – right along the part that would cut you. BE CAREFUL. Next, press your fabric strip along the fresh glue and press firmly so help it stick. However, if you get super frustrated like I did, feel free to get your glue gun out and glue baby glue!
  6. Seal the fabric! Using the outdoor mod podge (or any outdoor/weatherproofing sealant) coat the fabric with the sealant so that it is weather and spill proof.
  7. Assemble the hardware! Once your can is dry to the touch, you can go ahead and assemble the whole thing. Twist one bolt about 4″ down the threaded rod. Place one washer on top of the bolt. Place the can (bottom side down – that’s what the hole was for!) on top of the washer. Place the other washer and the other bolt on top of the threaded rod. It is best to make sure that the top bolt is flush with the bottom of the can so that your post isn’t going to cause problems with the drink inside the can. Now flip your can over and tighten the bottom bolt toward the can. BUT NOT ALL THE WAY!
  8. Glue outside washer with Gorilla Glue!Following manufacture’s instructions, put a little bit of water and then Gorilla Glue just under the flat washer on the OUTSIDE of the can. Then twist the bolt and make it as tight as you can!

Voila! You now have a nifty drink holder for all the warm months! Just shove it in the ground and put your drink in it.


Until next time,

Emily B.


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