Oct 1, 2019 | Random Thoughts

This is a short soliloquy about my love of October. ( Imagine I’m reading this aloud to you In a dramatic fashion.)

*Open Scene*

AAhhctober. You sweet sweet month of autumnal bliss. My soul longs for your arrival.

My heart rejoices at the thought of pumpkins rotting on my front porch. Apples covered in so much cinnamon and carmel goop at every event, that my teeth might begin to rot. And overpriced Halloween candy lining the aisles of the grocery stores.

The sound of combines running and the dust swirling out of them makes me sneeze just to think of it. Aaachooo is the sound of my people in October. *sniffle sniffle*

Haunted houses give me nightmares and clowns make me scream. Horror movies kill me. Please, don’t make open my eyes.

I wear sweaters and jeans in the morning and sweat by 2 pm. I try to wear flannels and look like the Brawny man. My attire is black. Black like the 8 pm sky and the cat crossing the street. Black like the bat that screeches in the attic.

But oh how I adore October. The colorful death of all the green things that once surrounded me in luscious beauty brings Joy to my chilly yet highly caffeinated heart.

Ah, my sweet sweet October. I welcome you and your crisp mornings with open arms. I beg of you to stay a little longer.

*Close Scene*

Seriously though friends, October really is my favorite month. With all of its moody, unpredictable weather chand hormonal temperature swings. I adore this month. And I hope that you’ll bask in all the changes that happen in nature in this beautiful season.

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Until Next Time,
Emily B.

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