If I Didn’t Instagram it, Did it Even Happen?

Sep 4, 2019 | Uncategorized

A few weeks ago we went camping. In a tent. On a Wednesday. Yes, I went willingly – I even suggested it and got everything ready for it! No, I’m not kidding ( seriously mom, I wanted to do this)

After my family went to bed I sat – staring at the fire- waiting for it to dwindle down. Watching the flames dance rainbow colors along the logs ( Thank you copper + Rubber tubes) and I had a strong, demanding urge to share a picture of it to social media.

Seriously, my thought process went like this … ” Look how beautiful this is – I want to Instagram it. But wait, I left my phone in the tent with the sleeping babies and hubby. And they haven’t been sleeping too long yet. Dangit!” Then I obsessed on whether or not I should get my phone because I had even come up with a cute little caption to post with it.

Honestly, I am so disappointed in the way I’ve let today’s culture – the “do it for the gram” culture – program my brain into thinking this without even realizing it. Sure, I’ve felt the depressing effects of falling into the comparison trap – but I didn’t realize that I had begun to look at my life through the lens of “shareability” thinking maybe this will be the one that gets me 100 likes.

As a culture, when did this start happening? This desperate need for the approval of strangers? Can you even imagine what the Bible would have been like? Imagine what the 12 disciples would have done with Instagram.

  • James and John of Zebedee when their mother wanted them to Rule alongside Jesus “Yo! Sittin w/ our bro dawg. The future KING! All Hail JESUS ( & us) ;-D
  • The disciples in the garden of Gethsemane – “Takin a selfie of me tryna catch some Zzzs”
  • Simon posted a picture at the Last Supper of Judas dipping bread with Jesus “‘SHADE’ Watch yo self Bro.”
  • Peter taking a selfie with a rooster ‘IT WASNT ME”
  • Paul posted a picture of a Scroll + Coffee ” CANT YOU SEE HOW IM WRITING TO YOU?! #blessed #breakthechains

Can you even imagine how much they would have missed! They might not have counted every left over fish and loaf! ( But they would have taken killer food selfies 😀 ) Paul might have never noticed the boy who felt out of the window. Or the man who needed healing even though he was 40. And all of the parables Jesus told – would they have missed the meanings because they were too bust “gettin it for the gram”?

I don’t know about you but I am tired of missing Jesus moments in my life because of social media. I’m tired of reading Karen’s boring vacation updates ( NOBODY CARES KAREN!) Instead of reading my bible and living in the moment – IN MY OWN LIFE – I’ve been too busy wanting Karens life traveling to the Canadian mountains. Maybe I don’t have mountains in my backyard but my kids are in my lap and they really want me to read them a story. And that is better than anything anyone else is doing. Because it is MINE. MY TRUTH. MY EVERY DAY LIFE. And I truly wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Let’s take the Instagram filters off of our lives friends, focus on the now.

<3 Until next time.

Emily B

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