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Holiday Hangover

This week, I write to you from the couch in my parents living room, surrounded by my family… My very loud family. As I sit here listening to the conversations, I can’t help but think about how much I appreciate these moments. When I was growing up and we were all living here together – I would have been begging to do anything other than get snowed in with everyone. But now, I want to sit here in my sweat pants, watching movies, drinking cocoa and holding my baby all day. I want to sing silly songs with my sisters and have pillow fights until the mom gets upset with us for getting the dogs all riled up. When dad changes the channel to some car show, I don’t complain. I want to jokingly argue about who took the crayon I wanted tonuse next. Heck, I might even volunteer to cook dinner and do the dishes. It’s amazing how these things can change as time passes.

Our conversations revolve around Christmases past. Memories we made when we were younger. Things we want to do in the future, as a family. And of course there are a few arguments about the movies were watching and which one we get to watch next – even though no one is really paying attention to the movie when we’re all just talking to each other.

Maybe it’s because I am a mom now, but I want to savor in these moments and soak them in so I never forget the feeling of being surrounded by people I love. Today is a nice reminder that I don’t always have to be doing something or going somewhere. And after a week full of Christmas parties with too much food and lots of rushing around – I needed today, we all needed today. I think everyone needs a day like this after the holidays. We need to step back from the abundance of food and drinks and just have a day of quiet and rest. It’s almost like when you would party too much in college and need a Sunday afternoon to recover from the hangover – except this is a holiday hangover. So please, take a little time in the last few moments of this year to enjoy your family and reflect on the memories you have made.

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