Glorious Gift Wrapping

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Gift wrapping is one of my absolute favorite parts of the holiday season. It all started when I was in 5th grade and my mom woke me up one night while all my siblings were sleeping and asked if I wanted to help her wrap presents. I walked out to the living room and there was a bike for my little brother by the tree. I asked, “Mom, are you wrapping a bicycle?” Mom looked at me with a smirk and replied “ No Honey, you are! Have fun!” It was a nice and challenging beginning to my love of gift wrapping; but let me tell you – I rocked that wrap job. You could still definitely tell it was a bike but it was totally wrapped. I like to think that I do a much better job of wrapping gifts now-a-days though and I would like to give you a few tips to help you make your gifts gorgeous this year.

  1. Color coordinate your paper and ribbons. By buying only papers and ribbons that match, you will be more likely to use it all up at the same time and less likey to have that awful lime green glitter covered paper stuck in your closet for years because you can’t find a ribbon to match. I typically stick with silver and red just so that everything matches and it matches my tree so the gifts look pretty cute under my tree.
  1. I have a lot of family parties to bring gifts to so I pick a paper for each family. This is a sure fire way to make sure you never leave any gift under the tree when you take off for grandmas house. My sibling’s presents are all black and white. My hubby’s siblings are all blue and silver. Our gifts for here at home are all red and silver and all gifts for our friends are gold. (I really have forgotten gifts and this really does prevent it.)
  1. Work on a hard surface ( like your table) so that you can make nice clean cuts and creases. I worked at a clothing store while I was in high school and they made us come in for a few hours before thanksgiving to learn how to wrap presents. We were allowed only 4 pieces of tape ( bonus points if you used only 3). The key to using less tape is to make sure that as you are wrapping your gift, you make nice crisp creases at every edge. This helps hold the paper in place and makes your gifts look professionally wrapped.
  1. Don’t skimp on the trimmings. Go a head, wrap 3 pieces of ribbon around the middle of your gift. Add a gorgeous, glittery bow. I think that presents are so much more fun to receive when they are so beautiful that you don’t even want to open it. Gifts can truly be a work of art.
  1. Only buy paper and ribbons when it is on super sale! This makes tip number 4 way more affordable too. I refuse to buy any wrapping paper unless its over 50% off and I don’t buy ribbons unless its bulk and on sale! And I very rarely use bags since they are always over priced and I never buy boxes to use – I just save boxes that I get things shipped to my house in.

IMG_20141201_090815I really do use all of these tips to make my holiday go more smoothly. You may think I am a little crazy but I promise you, my tips will help add a little organization into your life over this already crazy time of year. Oh and a bonus tip – if you happen to have a kitten in the house , he will think that the bows and presents were all put under the tree for his own personal enjoyment, so don’t be too sad when he destroys all of your hard work.

Until next time,

Emily B.

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