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Jul 6, 2015 | Uncategorized

Recently I have been scrolling through phone cases online trying to find one that is just perfect… with no luck. Do I want sparkly? Picture collaged? Bible verses? A cute saying? Or maybe a piece of art? TOO MANY OPTIONS! I wanted to buy one of each kind but with custom phone cases costing a little bit of money for good ones or not a lot of money but terrible quality I just couldn’t make up my mind. But then I came up with a brilliant plan. I will make my own! It is super simple, under $10, and can be changed out as many times as my heart desires.

All you need is a clear phone case that is for your type of phone. These can be found on Ebay and Amazon for (typically) less than $5. You can splurge and get a more sturdy kind but really, any clear case will do. Next, you will need a piece of paper. Any paper – newsprint, plain printer, scrapbook paper or even a picture will work. Cut the paper to be the same size and shape as the clear case. Then lay the paper inside the case as it would look on your phone and trace the holes. This is important so that you can still use your camera and the speaker isn’t blocked. You do not need to cut out the side buttons because the paper should only cover the back of your phone.

After a quick search online – it turns out that this is something that someone else has figured out before me so there are some templates of different designs out there. Some can be printed off and you can just cut them out and voila, insta phone cuteness. I called my little sister to tell her about this great idea I had and it seems as though she thought of it a long time ago as well and already does this on a fairly regular basis… (thanks for sharing with me sis.) She is tech savvy and made hers on the computer. That is the one in the picture – she loves the Harry Potter books.

Kennedys phone case

You can do it the techy route or you can be like me and get out your water colors, pencils, washi tape or glitter and just let your creativity take control. Stripes, lace, flowers, quotes, or full pieces of art – your imagination is truly your limit.

All you have to do to install your phone art is put it in your case, pretty side out and snap your case on your phone. Voila – so easy. I love this because you can have a new phone cover for every season and holiday. You could have a new look every day if you wanted and it would cost you virtually nothing after the initial purchase of the clear case. Hooray for being savvy!

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