DIY Fall Wreath

Sep 7, 2015 | Crafting

Okay, okay, okay, I know it’s not quite fall yet (even though last week sure felt like it) but I have to start giving you fall crafting ideas. When I ran the idea past my hubby he said that I had to give you crafting ideas before fall actually got here so that you could get them ready to have them done by fall! You guys, he gets it – he really, really gets it. Anyways though, you didn’t come here to read about me gushing over my hubby, you came here to get your craft on! So, without further ado – my DIY Fall wreath.FAll Yall

You will need:

1 Styrofoam wreath form

2 (at least) big rolls of burlap twine

Hot Glue

Floral Wire

An assortment of fall decorations/ accessories

To begin you will need to start wrapping your twine around the wreath form. Tie a little knot at the end of the twine and secure it with a loop of floral wire. I use 18-gauge wire so that I can bend it in the middle and stick it through the form. This is useful so that you don’t see the wire anywhere. Just push it through and twist the ends on the backside. You could use a LITTLE BIT of hot glue here as well – but only if your glue gun has a low setting so that you don’t melt your foam form. It’s not worth the mess otherwise.

Now just wrap the form for about 8 inches or until your cant wrap it without getting little gaps in between the twine. Then cut the twine, secure the end and begin wrapping again. Just a warning – this takes quite a bit of time if you are using a regularly sized wreath form. Make sure to overlap the twine wrapping with the last section a little bit for two reasons – 1. To ensure you have fully covered the foam form and 2. So that you can use your hot glue gun and glue the newly wrapped twine to the last wrapped twine. Continue this process until you have fully covered your form. When you have covered the whole thing, go back and make sure all of your loose ends have been glued down so that your wreath doesn’t unravel. That would be such a waste.

Next, pick a side to be the top and tie a loop of twine to it. This will be how you hang the wreath. It is important to do this step now that when you start adding pretty things you can make sure you have the wreath weighted properly so it hangs straight.

Now add fun things. I like to add glittery leaves and feathers as well as pinecones and berry bunches. On the one in the picture, I used a wired twine to make letters. Arrange the pretties how you like them and then secure them really well with hot glue. And voila – you have now created a simple fall wreath! What I love about this project is that you don’t really have to buy new pretty things to glue to your wreath, you can take some of your more worn out decorations and give them new life by adding them to this project. Hooray for saving money and making your home B-E-A-UTIFUL! And don’t forget to stop by my website! I do have a few wreaths for sale and I can always take custom orders if you don’t have the time to make one yourself.

Until Next Time,

Emily B.

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