Privilege and Ignorance

I read that by not saying anything at all you are assumed to agree. That by not verbally objecting, you are allowing the discrimination and injustice to continue. I have always felt like I am the most unqualified person to say anything. I have no idea what it is like to be anything other than white and privileged beyond belief.

‘I Didn’t Sign Up For This’ – Distance Learning

But you know what, I see you mamas. I see you just wanting the best for your kids and for your family. I know that you are trying to survive. Trying to teach your kids while working and keeping your house in an acceptable state of cleanliness. I know you are worried about the future. We all are.

So I decided to bring together a few of my friends – teachers and homeschool moms – to share some of their best wisdom and tips with you. You have got this, Mom. Were all in this together.

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