Brown House Update #6 + a Baby Update

Nov 10, 2015 | House Addition, Mommy Bloggin

Well friends – lots has been going on for the past month in the Brown House. We are SOOO close to being all done! The flooring is all in, cabinets are installed, the closet and the pantry are finished (and filled). The library is full of books (stacked on the ground). Our bedroom moved from the old part of the house to the new addition to make room for the nursery. And the nursery has even been repainted and is almost ready to have the crib moved in. I promise that when the nursery is finished next week – I will post pictures 🙂

    I wanted to wait to post pictures of all these final touches until I had everything JUST the way I wanted it. But then I realized that it took me almost 2 years to get the house looking really good before the addition… and we doubled the size of it so its very likely that it is going to take that long (or longer) to get it just right again. :-/ Kind of a bummer BUT I suppose that means I will always have something to do. So for now, I have a few pictures for you of the final “construction phase” of the addition. And I promise to give you little updates as we get rooms finished. But don’t hold your breath waiting for them… because with a new baby coming in just 4 short weeks – I don’t get very much done during the day anymore.

    Speaking of Baby Brown – I can not believe that we barely have a month left!!! I am feeling pretty good – just have to remember to take it easy and accept help from others. I learned this the hard way the week we started really moving things around in the house and cleaning the mess up. I tried doing things like I normally would and by the end of the day I hurt so bad I couldn’t walk anymore. The night I got stuck sitting on the floor and needed the Hubs help getting up – I realized that I was doing more harm than my little bit of help was worth. So now I just pace myself and do a lot of sitting around. Kind of boring but its better than feeling like my lower half was surely going to separate from my body.

    I think God truly makes this last portion of pregnancy kind of awful just to prepare us to get the little monster OUT! Because before, I think I would have been pretty content with being pregnant for as long as necessary – now, I am a little more willing to evict this creature growing inside of me when December 10th finally rolls around…. If it waits that long. (The Hubs really thinks this little person will be making it’s grand arrival on Thanksgiving). And yes – just so everyone is aware – We still don’t know what the gender is. We are really excited to find out when we meet the little miracle for the first time on its Birthday! And in case anyone is wondering – the general consensus is about 50/50 right now. We will be happy with whatever gender God blesses us with- we are just praying for a happy and healthy baby.

    Until Next Time,

    Emily B.

    PS fun side note – I just got a call saying that my countertops are being installed TOMORROW!! TWO WHOLE WEEKS EARLY! 🙂 I am so excited!

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