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Brown House Addition: Update 4 (+ Baby Brown Update)

Let me give you an image…

Me sitting on the couch, minding my own business, drinking my pumpkin spice coffee enjoying a 15 mph breeze whipping through my house. You may say, “Gee Emily, why don’t you close your darn windows?” Well my dear friends, if I could, I would. But I thankfully CANT! Because I have no windows!! Thats right! TODAY IS THE DAY we replace all the windows in the house!  I AM SO EXCITED I CAN BARELY STAND IT! Our construction crew (Ramthun Construction) also put all of the windows in the addition this morning. It is really starting to come together. Walking into the addition with the windows in really gets me excited for how it will all look when it is finished.

A quick update on how things have been going since Update 3…

Electricity is basically finished. Plumbing is all done until it comes times to install the Master Bathroom items. We had the floor in our utility room all torn up for a little while when they were replacing our grinder and installing a sump pump… Can you believe our house didn’t have a sump pump?!? Me neither! I am very thankful that we have one now because it pumps water out from under our house about every 30 minutes – I have no idea how we never had water backup problems before.  The entire addition (minus the attic space that has to be enclosed) has been spray foamed and oh boy – that was neat to watch. Flooring has been ordered, custom cabinets are being made, and garage doors were ordered today.  Windows will all be installed by the end of the day with the egress windows being installed “very soon.”

Now I must say, as smoothly as this whole project has been going – I would really not recommend trying to add on a major addition to your house while you are pregnant! Our contractor has been WONDERFUL and knows that our time line is very serious ( because we don’t have a nursery until the addition is done) so I cant even imagine how stressful it could be if we didn’t have such a great guy working with us on this. The time crunch wasn’t really affecting me until last week. I had a moment of panic when my best friend Emily H. had her baby boy (whom PS is adorable) and I realized that we are only 14 weeks apart which meant that I was next for popping a baby out! It got very real very quickly and I kind of felt like the world was collapsing in around me. I may have had a slight melt down one night while trying to fall asleep #rollercoasterofemotions.

I really think the biggest stress factor has to be that this Thursday is the beginning of my 3rd trimester and the need to begin nesting has started to kick in along with I am only 1 month away from the biggest (and the 1st) craft show of the year.  I currently have no where to put baby stuff, no nursery and my craft room stuff is piled into one corner of the craft room awaiting egress windows. And I have SO MANY things left to make for said craft show…SO MANY. It is incredibly stressful. I keep thinking about how many things I have to do and how little time I have to do them all and it about makes my mind explode. In fact… I’m changing the subject because I don’t think my mind can handle thinking about it right now.

In other news – Baby Brown is growing so much! I am currently 27 1/2 weeks and measuring right on schedule. The little flutters and occasional kicks have turned into full on rolling making my tummy move. Sometimes at night, Jacob and I will be laying on the couch watching tv and you can look at my tummy and see the baby rolling around. It is very neat.

Our little family went to our very first Packers game at Lambeau Field 2 (ish) weeks ago and even though the game was a little rough to watch, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! We went to the Packers store with every intention of buying ourselves something neat to bring home and instead we came out with an entire outfit for the baby made up of Game Day bibs, socks, binkis, bibs… etc. This kiddo is going to come out a full fledged Cheese Head 🙂 This trip was also a fun learning experience for traveling long distances with a pregnant lady. Jacob literally had to pull over for me to pee every 45 minutes. SO REDICULOUS! Even I was annoyed with myself.

I can’t wait until I have even more to update you on – with the house and the baby!

Until Next time,

Emily B.

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