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Back to School : Teacher Gifts

This week for our back to school series we are going to be making a stellar teachers gift. While your kiddo is getting their notebooks and pencil pouches ready – you can focus on showering some love on the teacher who will be with your child as you do (if not more) during this upcoming year. Its only right to show them a little appreciation because lets face it – teachers are underpaid and most of their classroom items and learning tools are purchased using their own money. So why not get them a gift that is adorable and will help them out a little?

teacher giftbrandedFor this gift you will need:

1 column vase about 8 inches tall and no more than 4 inches across

2-3 packs of good wooden pencils

Washi tape

1 rubber band

glue dots or hot glue

This is simple and took me less than 5 minutes so get ready for the quickest project ever. Place your rubber band around the center of the vase. Start sticking your pencils in between the vase and the rubber band, eraser end down. The rubber band will hold the pencils to vase. On a few of your pencils, you are going to want to stick a glue dot or dot of hot glue right in the center before you put on the vase just to help secure them at the end. Make sure these glued pencils are spread evenly around the vase – you shouldn’t need more than 6 glued pencils. The reason we don’t glue all of them is because glue is a pain to peel off and if your teacher wants to use these pencils, this is the simplest way to allow that to happen.

When you finally get the pencils all the way around the vase, wrap a piece of decorative washi tape around the center of the vase- right where the rubber band is. You could also use ribbon here, but by using tape you are keeping the pencils from sliding around. Voila – your vase is finished!

You will obviously want to fill your new pencil vase with something so I have a few suggestions for you. You can go with the basic flowers, fresh or fake. Or, depending on your budget, you could fill it with candy or a few useful school items. I recommend making a candy/ supply bouquet. Buy some gift cards (Target, Walmart, Caseys, etc), glue sticks, Tylenol, small crayon packs, candy bars, or whatever else you think a teacher may need and tape them to the ends of some short wooden dowels. Then get a piece of floral foam to fit in the bottom of your vase and stick the supply topped sticks into the foam to form a bouquet. To give it a more finished look, add some loose candy – like Jolly Ranchers or Hershey’s kisses – on top of the foam in between the sticks. This is a fun and simple way to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them.


Until Next Time,

Emily B.

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