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Back to School : IT’S TODAY

Happy first day of school Gliddenites! Parents, I hope you have been able to sit down and nice big cup of coffee (or wine) this morning in QUIET when your kiddos all finally got the heck out of your house. Lets take a moment to sit, breath, enjoy the silence… and prepare our selves for the madness that will ensue when everyone gets home from school! Alright, I know I don’t have kids yet but I did live at home for a year after college while my siblings were all in school and the day everyone went back – Mom, Dad, and I did a happy dance and went out to breakfast. It was wonderful. We watched the shows we wanted to watch. We had grown up conversations. No one bothered us while we were in the shower or on the toilet. It was truly glorious and (BONUS) there were no dishes in the sink for an entire day!

Use this day and the next few child free days to get yourself organized for the new year. Finally organize that calendar, make those teacher gifts, or heck- make a meal plan so you can always have family dinner ready. Feel free to sing as loud as you want as you vacuum the floor today – no one is there to judge you but the cat. Take a bubble bath and read that novel you bought in May… the one you were going to read by the pool. Just do it!

Whatever your day may look like today, I hope you savor the moment. I also hope you can take time to realize how lucky you are that you have been blessed with these kiddos that keep you busy 24/7. The days are flying by and before you know it – the kiddos will be moving into college dorms and apartments – then onto the real world with jobs and spouses and they wont be so little anymore. Trust me – coming from a grown up kid who is recently out of college and has a house with a spouse and a kiddo of her own on the way – your kids don’t realize it now, but someday they will miss the first day of school and being able to rush home and tell their parents all the juicy details of their new year. And I bet you will miss it too.

So when the kids get home from school – take time to ask them about their day, listen to the dramatic tales, and for goodness sake, hug them like there is no tomorrow. If they are really little, read them a story before bed. If they are older, make a no cell phones during dinner rule so that you can have their undivided attention. Just make sure they know how much you love them. Someday – when they aren’t so little anymore – these are the moments you both will remember.

Until Next Time,

Emily B.

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