Goodbye, February

Thank you for letting me go on a little tangent for today’s post. I appreciate you. if you feel the same way about this month that we are so #blessed to have an extra day of this year, I would love to hear from you in the comments down below. I’d also love to know how you cope with the midwinter doldrums. Because March might be a lion this year, and I am not prepared for that.

Testimony Tuesday : Tiffany S

Or maybe you think, โ€œgee, itโ€™d be nice if God would just speak to us like that today!โ€ Which sends you on a whole mental rabbit trail about the struggle of discerning how to live as a Christ follower, how to determine what to do and when to do it. Maybe you wish life didnโ€™t feel so much like shooting an arrow in the dark and praying like crazy that it comes somewhere close to hitting its intended mark. Take courage, dear friend. Life is not a shot in the dark and God certainly does still speak.

Testimony Tuesday : Emily H.

One thing I learned from our miscarriage is just how fragile life is. In my pride, I sometimes take it for granted. We werenโ€™t even through our first trimester before we were telling everyone we were pregnant โ€œagainโ€ and laughing about it. Now looking back, Iโ€™m embarrassed at how invincible we thought we were. How flippant we were with such a special gift.

Giving God control when it SUCKS.

Friend, I know it’s hard to give God control. But it is so worth it. The overwhelming feeling of peace that comes afterward is life-breathing. It no longer feels like I’m drowning and being strangled at the same time.

Testimony Tuesday : Colin B.

Everyone knows the struggles of raising livestock and how it can drive people to anger and saying things that they donโ€™t necessarily mean. And also that boys growing up will do anything to make themselves seem tough and manly. Well from my experience, I received the negative end from both of these.

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