Discovering JOY and TRUTH everyday.

This is place where we share our trials and triumphs of life to give each hope and encouragement through Christ. 

This is

Joy Everlasting

Joy Everlasting is a ministry that was created to help women see the joy in their everyday lives and to discover who they are through Jesus  Christ.

We do this by exploring our vulnerabilities, creative outlets, and deep desires that have shaped us into who we are. Through Christ, we can find our true identities and live without fear. We will not fall for the lies of this earth anymore.





Testimony Tuesday

Testimony Tuesday is a weekly/Bi-weekly post that is really near and dear to my heart. It is a post that shares how God has worked in someone’s life in such a miraculous way that it cannot be denied or hidden. I truly believe that by sharing our testimonies with one another – we can change the world.

We will see God moving in our lives and those around us will want to know more. Ordinary people will stop counting things as coincidence and start seeing them as blessings and see God’s hand on everyday events. 

When we share our testimonies – we are letting someone reading know that they are not alone. We’ve got them. GOD has got them. We can get through this life – linking arms together and following Christ.


If God has done something amazing – Big or little – In your life, I would be honored if you shared it with me!

Testimony Tuesday: Anonymous Wife

A year ago I did not feel this way. A year ago I wanted him to have to confess to everyone. I wanted others to know I was suffering because of him. Honestly, a year ago I had written a list on if I should stay married because Biblically it was ok to file for a divorce and I didn’t want to live in the mess our marriage was. But now a year later, I don’t want to share his name because I don’t want anyone thinking less of him. He’s my best friend, my husband. I’ve forgiven him and we have grown so much in this year. We aren’t perfect and our marriage is still growing. God has grown us both a lot.

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